Legacy Plates  – Plate 274 is General Campbell

National Museum of the Air Force – Museum at WPAFB.

C-46 Commando Taxi – The 302nd flew Commando’s in the early 1950’s.  CAF Curtiss C-46F N5359V (China Doll) fired up her Pratt & Whitney R-2800-51 engines at Camarillo airport, CA for a morning training flight (2001)

C-119 Hagerstown Video – Youtube video on the assembly of Boxcars.
C-119 Background Information – Info on C-119 flying boaxcar.  The 302 flew the boxcar from 1955 to 1971.
C-119 Airdrop – Youtube Video

C-123K Takeoff – This Fairchild C-123 named “Thunder Pig”, owned by the Air Heritage Museum

C-130 Beach Landing
C-130 Airdrop – 
YC-134 Aircraft
– Proposed variant of C-123 aircraft.

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