Final Flyover 1964-2004


George E. Arther, December 3, 2004 WWII
Oscar Griffin, USAF, Retired, January 8, 2004
Richard P. Meyers, March 17, 2004
Lt Col Robert E. Miller, USAF, Retired, June 22, 2004 WWII
Lt Col Edward F. Seidel, USAF, Retired, October 30, 2004 WWII – Korea
Col Harry C. Watkins, USAF, Retired, February 18, 2004 WWII – Korea
Alma M. Wright, October 11, 2004

Arthur George

Arther, George E., 83, of Springfield, went to be with his Lord and Savior at his home on Friday December 3, 2004. He was born July 16, 1921. He served his country during World War II as a pilot in the United States Air Corp with a rank of 1st Lieutenant.

George owned and operated the Springfield Aviation, Springfield Flight Center and affiliated with Madison Aviation Center from 1955 to 1986 and retiring from aviation in 2004. He was a member of Springfield Flying Club.

Griffin, Oscar Jr.
C-123K Loadmaster in the 302nd.  In then 1970’s.

Richard P. Meyers, 60, died Wednesday, March 17, 2004.

Lt. Colonel Robert Eldon Miller, retired, 82, of Wilmington, died  June 22, 2004.  He was born March 14, 1922. He served in the U.S. Air Force during World War II as a pilot and received two overseas service bars, World War II victory ribbon, merit unit plaque, air medal, EAME theater ribbon with five Bronze Stars and the American theater ribbon. He served in the Reserves and the National Guard until 1972.

Lt. Col. Edward F. Seidel, 81, of Sandusky, died Oct. 30, 2004. He was born March 24, 1923, in Lindenhurst, N.Y.  Immediately following graduation from high school in 1941, he joined the Army Air Corps and was trained as a pilot. He was stationed in England during WW II and was decorated with the Purple Heart. He actively served his country again in the Korean Conflict and during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He remained in the Air Force Reserve with the 302nd Air Carrier Wing at Clinton County Air Force Base, Wilmington, Ohio. He rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel before retiring in 1965.

Harry Watkins3

Col. Harry C. Watkins (USAFRes) passed away peacefully Feb. 18, 2004.  Harry was born Sept. 4, 1923 in Corbin, Ky. With his typical sense of humor, he used to say: “I lived at Third and Plum — third hill over and plum down in the holler.”

Harry served with the 1058th Engineers during WW2 in both the European and Pacific theaters. He was recalled to active duty, both during the Korean War and the Berlin Crisis. He served as a Reserve Officer with the 100th Division of the Army, 302nd Troop Carrier Wing (AFRES) and 14th Air Force (RES).


Maj William B. Crawford, USAF, Retired, September 5, 2003 WWII
MSgt Frank Chrzanowski, USAF, Retired, March 3, 2003
Lt Col Paul W. Grubbs Jr., USAF, Retired, December 30, 2003
Col Harry A. Hafler, USAF, Retired, December 11, 2003
Lester D. Hall, September 8, 2003
Lt Col Robert T. Hart, USAF, Retired, December 30, 2003 WWII – POW
Alvin (Red) McHaffie, May 11, 2003
Lt Col George S. Rowcliffe, USAF, Retired, August 25, 2003
Wallace B. “Wally” Slone Sr., May 7, 2003 WWII
CMSgt James D. True, USAF, Retired, October 16, 2003 WWII


Crawford, William B. 81, Xenia, passed away September 5, 2003. He was born October 15, 1921, in Xenia. He was a Major in the US Air Force, serving in World War II.

Frank M. Chrzanowski, 59, Monday, March 3, 2003. Retired U.S. Air Force.

“Ski” Chrzanowski,  Msgt, was a Flight Mechanic on C-119’s he was a member of the 907th /356th, and also was an Air Reserve Technician with us at Clinton Co AFB.

Grubbs Jr Paul

GRUBBS Paul William Grubbs Jr., Lt. Col. USAFR (retired), age 71, of Pickerington, died December 30, 2003 at his residence. Born March 6, 1932, in Germantown, Ohio. 1950 graduate of Germantown High School, and 1955 graduate of the University of Dayton. Member of the first Naval A.D.C. Class of 29-1955 at Pensacola Naval Air Station, Florida, where he was commissioned and awarded his wings. In 1965 he accepted a commission in the USAFR and finished his career in 1992, as an ART at Rickenbacker AFB, Ohio. He had accumulated over 6000 flight hours.

Col. Harry A. Hafler (USAF Ret), 70 of Orient, died December 11, 2003. He was born November 25, 1933, in the town of Greenfield, Ohio.

LESTER DELANO HALL 69, of New Carlisle, Ohio, died September 8, 2003.  He was born December 22, 1933, in Floyd County, Printer, Kentucky.  He was a veteran of the United States Air Force having served a total of 21 years. Lester served in the Korean War as a Jet Engine Mechanic. He retired from Federal Civil Service at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in September 1974.

Robert Hart

Lt. Col. Robert T. Hart, age 78, of Wilmington, Ohio died December 30, 2003. Lt. Col. Hart was born March 13, 1925 in Fulton, Kentucky.  Mr. Hart was a retired lieutenant colonel from the United States Air Force. A veteran of World War II, he was a two-time member of the Caterpillar Club, a recognition earned when a pilot jumps from his plane when it is shot down. He was first shot down on May 8, 1944 and then again on May 16, 1944. Lt. Col. Hart was captured after being shot down the second time and was a prisoner of war for 11 months. He was a member of The Buckeye Wing (formerly known as the 302nd TAW Clinton County Air Force Base) and the 398th Bomb Group – W.W.II B-17 Reunion Organization.

George Rowcliffe

ROWCLIFFE George Stephen Rowcliffe, Lt. Col., U.S.A.F. (Retired), of Columbus, Oh., passed away on August 25, 2003.  Born on August 24, 1933 in Peoria, Il. and a 1950 graduate of Dunlap High School. Graduate of Pilot Training Class 55-I; 40 years of distinguished service, served in Vietnam, served as Chief of Aerial Spray, Rickenbacker A.F.B., Ohio; Command Pilot with over 15,000 flight hours.

Wallace B. “Wally” Slone Sr., 81, of Monroe, Ohio, died May 7, 2003. He was born in Middlesboro, Ky., on Nov. 17, 1921. He served his country in the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force reserves, retiring in 1975, after serving a combined total of 35 years in the military. A veteran of World War II, he had served 39 months overseas in Africa and Europe.

True, James D, age 80, of Grove City, OH, formerly of Portsmouth, OH, died October 16, 2003. Jim was retired from the U.S. Government. He was a retired Chief Master Sgt. of the USAF. Jim was a veteran of WW II surviving the attack on Pearl Harbor, and spending the rest of the war in the Silent Service.


Robert S. Gilmore, June 2002
Milum E. Grigsby, June 29, 2002
Milton D. Hollingsworth, May 28, 2002
Lt Col Thomas B. Lenze, USAF, Retired, May 29, 2002
(Hon) Col William J. Morrissey Jr., USAF, Retired, July 18, 2002
Ralph A. Scranton, March 24, 2002
Edward W. Stroube, November 25, 2002
George A. Tyler Sr., August 14, 2002
Donald E. Ward, December 5, 2002

Grigsby Edward 74, Saturday, June 29, 2002. He was a veteran United States Army and United States Air Force Reserves.

Morrissey_William Morrissey

MORRISSEY Judge William J. Jr. Passed on July 18, 2002. Age 81 years.

Tyler, George A. , 87, of Dayton died Aug. 14, 2002. Mr. Tyler was a U.S. Air Force veteran and retired from DESC in 1972.


Ronald Fitzwater, 2001
Shelly (Jeff) Gunnells, May 1, 2001
William E. Hughes, October 3, 2001
Emory T. Judy, March 24, 2001
John Kliber, October 10, 2001
George N. Longsworth, December 2, 2001
Jane (Heismann) Love, January 20, 2001
Herbert G. Mattison, July 27, 2001
Richard B. Mershon, July 27, 2001
Sara Paulson, September 10, 2001
Robert E. Smith, October 28, 2001
Robert Stebens, October 24, 2001
John Striebich, October 1, 2001
CMSgt John L. Tackett, USAF, Retired, June 23, 2001
James Williams, October 10, 2001
Lt Col James Thomas Wornall, USAF, Retired, July 4, 2001


James Clendenin,  January 27, 2000
George Hall, January 1, 2000
Alvin H. Nurre, December 21, 2000
Clarance (Sonny) Boldt, March 1, 2000
Eldon R. Thomas,  September 10, 2000
Exley E. Wical, November 26, 2000


Fred L. Armbruster,  April 9, 1999
Edward Hillman,  July 1, 1999
James P. Manson,  September 20, 1999
Katherine Murphy, April 22, 1999
Carl E. Noddin,  September 23, 1999
MSgt Jack G. Romero, USAF, Retired, November 25, 1999
John P. Wenzelberger,  July 21, 1999


Theodore G. Behling,  January 23, 1998
Betty Bill,  August 6, 1998
Charles W. (Chuck) Blevins,  August 1998
Harold Hartley,  August  12, 1998
Richard (Hap) Holliday,  January 1, 1998
BGen Ben J. Mangina, USAF, Retired, September 1998
Frank Morrissey,  July 26, 1998
Carl R. Snapp,  December 27, 1998
John B. Swartz,  November 17, 1998


Nancy B. Craig, October 22, 1997
Ralph Hyre,  July 28, 1997
Col James J. Magill, USAF, Retired, 1997
Robert D. Taylor,  August 15, 1997
James E. Wiederhold,  April 26, 1997


Dorothy Diamond,  April 1996
Wilma Linehan,  November 1, 1996
Gene D. McClusky,  June 1, 1996
Earl J. Payne,  September 1, 1996
William Petrich,  August 21, 1996
Anna Seidel,  March 25, 1996
David L. Skillings,  April 30, 1996
Jane Turkelson,  February 21, 1996
John Walsh,  October 1, 1996


Chester Bailey, February 11, 1995
Edward H. Begley,  September 5, 1995
Ivan Lingren,  November 5, 1995
Charles E. Lloyd,  June 8, 1995
Donna M. MacGruder,  December 20, 1995
Margaret Sue Rahn,  August 17, 1995
Robert Serb,  April 27, 1995
Donald Snyder,  1995
Carlton H. Weakley,  November  1995


Henry Gross,  May 27, 1994
Harry C. Harshfield,  April 18, 1994
Robert A. Holloway,  March 5, 1994
Elbert William (Bill) Plant,  August 18, 1994
Ralph E. Tullis,  March 20, 1994
Charles W. (Chuck) Walker,  July 27, 1994
Campbell, Charles, Lt Col,September 17, 1994 WWII


Campbell, Charles R, 76, of Chillicothe Died Sep 17,1994. Born April 24, 1918. Mr. Campbell was an Army Air Corp. World War II veteran, was a B-25 bomber pilot, having served in the India-Burma-China-Theater, and was awarded two Bronze Stars. He was a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Air Force Reserves.


Manville H. Fryman,  November 29, 1993
Robert Vandemark,  November 3, 1993
Chalmer Worley,  July 26, 1993


Harry Ankrom, November 2, 1992
Robert D. Johnson Sr., September 6, 1992
David R. Laird,  October 21, 1992


James P. Davis, March 1991


Bob Ferguson, December 18, 1990


Howard Sparkes,  August 15, 1989


Richard Burton,  April 1988
Charles H. Nelson,  July 1988


Blaine L. Bermel,  December 5, 1987
Hubert B. Ferneau, April 19, 1987


Joseph Madru,  May 1981
Alex Such,  March 3, 1981


These five were killed as a result of their Fairchild UC-123K Provider (57-6291) crashing shortly after takeoff en route home from Fort Sill,OK to Columbus-Rickenbacher ANGB, Ohio.

Thomas Brady, October 16, 1980
George Freeland Jr., October 16, 1980
Donald Griffith, October 16, 1980
Robert Haas, October 30, 1980
Michael P. Snodgrass, October 16, 1980


Dale R. Anderson,  November 15, 1972
William R. Barbor,  November 15, 1972
William L. Champion,  November 15, 1972
Francis T. Durkin,  November 15, 1972
Marion A. Meckstroth,  November 15, 1972
Thomas M. Paulson,  August 14, 1972


Robert E. Cross,  July 4, 1970


These six were killed in a C-119G Crash at Clinton County AFB.

TSgt Hansford III, William B, August 9, 1968, WWII, Born Oct 15, 1915
Sgt Arehart, Ernest L, August 9, 1968, Born May 3, 1944
Sgt Hall, Richard N, August 9, 1968
Sgt Husinga, David A, August 9, 1968
A1C Ruschau, Paul U, August 9, 1968
A1C Wiford, Michael L, August 9, 1968


WO1 Joseph C. Sampson, ARMY, July 27, 1966


Richard F. Davis,  April 18, 1964
Clyde Grimes,  April 18, 1964
Richard Griswold,  April 18, 1964
Woodson Gudgell,  April 18, 1964
Stanley H. Heismann,  April 18, 1964
James A. Hopkins,  April 18, 1964
Ernest B. Milligan,  April 18, 1964
Robert L. Timmons,  April 18, 1964

Year Unknown

James O. Brown
Charles R. Campbell
James P. Davis
Russell Donahue
Richard Gross
William Hoy
Larry Kennedy
George Kyle
Eugene Muzynski
Billy Reece