Agent Orange

Here is information about agent orange and the Buckeye Wing.

On Jun 19, 2015 the VA issued a Presumption of Herbicide Exposure and Presumption of Disability During Serve for Reservists Presumed Exposed to Herbicide. This is an amendment to their policy.

On Nov 14th, 2015 a Agent Orange Town Hall meeting was held in Fairborn, OH.  Present were Wes Carter and a panel of experts.  Peter Lurker,  John Gibson, Robert Bien, Larry Bender, Deke & Carol Barth and Tom & June McVey.

Helpful links

  1. Veterans Diseases Associated with Agent Orange
  2. Clinton County Veterans Service Commission Website
  3. Warren County Veterans Service Commission Website
  4. UC-123 Tail Numbers From Danny Howser
  5. UC-123 Tail Numbers From Peter Lurker
  6. Sample Buddy statement and 6/19/2015 VA email about Benefits
  7. VVA Self Help Guide

Retired Major Wes Carter has a website with about 5 years of history on the efforts to get the VA to recognize that crew members, aircraft  maintenance, Aeromed and  others with constant and regular contact to agent orange on UC-123K aircraft in the USAFR.

Here is his web site  C123K Cancer Blog

At the May 9th, 2015 Breakfast With Friends we had a
VA County Veterans Services agent give us a presentation.
He told us he would help us fill out forms for agent orange.

Clinton County VETERANS Service Commission Website

Here is the address

43 S. Walnut Street
Wilmington, Ohio 45177
Phone (937) 382-3233 Fax (937) 655-8834

Warren County Veterans Service Commission Website

Form to collect info for Buckeye Wing Info purposes.
Agent Orange Form

This form is used in the efforts of Wes Carter and Tom McVey to help
our Wing pursue benefits for C-123 agent orange exposure.

Form  VBA-21-0966-ARE
Your should complete this form with the help of your County Veterans Service Organization.

(NOTE: This form may only be completed by a Veterans Service Organization, attorney, or agent if a valid power of attorney has been completed.)

Jeff Price, Bob Bien, Peter Luker and Tom McVey sent this letter to Senator Rob Portman in order to set up a meeting to gain his support the for C-123 Agent Orange Issues.

Buckeye Wing Letter To Senator Portman May 20th 2015

Senators letter to Robert McDonald about C-123 Benefits

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